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My First Birthday Getting Freebies

Muffin Break Free Muffin

These were the deals I got this year! These deals were spread out over multiple days 😀 I’m lucky I live in a small town, so I didn’t have to go far between places, but I’m also unlucky because I miss out on all the free deals in the big cities. Still, there was tons of food here.

1) Free Whopper from Hungry Jacks through the Hungry Jacks App
2) Free 6 inch sub + small coke from Subway through the Eat Fresh Club

Hungry Jacks and Subway Birthday Deals

3) Free Blueberry Muffin and Mocha from Muffin Break through the Muffin Break Loyalty program – you just need to pick up a card and register for a free coffee and also a free birthday muffin – was delicious!

Muffin Break Free Muffin

4) Free original sized Boost Juice through the Boost Juice app.

Free Birthday Boost Juice

5) Free Churros for two from San Churro – worth $16 and comes with two dipping sauces, super filling + they put a sparkler in! 😀 Through their El Social loyalty program.

San Churros Free Churros For Two
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